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Entry for May 21, 2017


Dad, daughter, coffee maker

What makes photography a strange invention – with unforeseeable consequences – is that its primary raw materials are light and time.

– John Berger (art critic)

A little girl’s universe II (on the beach, again)

Curățenia de primăvară | Spring cleaning

Strictly no inflatables

A little girl’s universe II (on the beach)

The cochlear implant doesn’t hold it’s recipient from tasting life’s small pleasures, like going to the beach, sunsoaking or swimming. On the contrary. Sofia is no exception to the rule. She just has to be a little careful.

A little girl’s universe I (sheltered)

Little girl on a small horse at sunset

The daily life of a girl with a cohlear implant oscillates between duties and fun-and-play time. But no matter what, she seeks shelter and protection.

La cățărat, cu implant cohlear

Fiica mea poartă un implant auditiv, cunoscut sub numele de implant cohlear.
Asta nu o împiedică să ducă o viață aproximativ normală.
Dar ce mai e normal în ziua de azi?!

Leagănul | The Cradle