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Imposibila întoarcere | The impossible return


Golden Horn, Bosphorus, Istanbul, november 2014

“Was it the same light that enchanted the first photographers? It is the same, and it is still brand new – it is something that never wears out.”
– Edouard Boubat


2014-10-30 Istanbul 006_resize

Istanbul, november 2014

“The most important thing is to go out and see the stars, not to see them in books.”
– Edouard Boubat

In hoc mundo inconstante

in hoc mundo inconstante“In a photo there are always too many things, except when it’s a good photo. To speak specifically of my own work I believe that, from the very beginning, I managed to make photos where there was nothing more than what was needed”.
– Edouard Boubat