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The rules of bartending (VI)

Rule no. 6: Keep a clean bar. Turn bottles to face forward. Wipe the bar-top. Straighten the stools. If people think you don’t care, they won’t either.




The rules of bartending (V)

Rule no. 5: Know what you serve and why.

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The rules of bartending (IV)

4th rule: Sleeping with your customers is a great way to loose money.

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The rules of bartending (III)

3rd rule: It’s not your party. It’s not your booze. It’s not your bar.

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„Interbelic” cocktail bar, Bucharest, 2012

The rules of Bartending (II)

Bartending2nd rule. Respect the first rule.

„Interbelic” cocktail bar, Bucharest

The rules of Bartending I()

Interbelic cocktail bar, BucharestThe rules of bartending:

1st rule. The bartender is always right.

„Interbelic” cocktail bar, Bucharest