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A little girl’s universe II (on the beach)

The cochlear implant doesn’t hold it’s recipient from tasting life’s small pleasures, like going to the beach, sunsoaking or swimming. On the contrary. Sofia is no exception to the rule. She just has to be a little careful.

A little girl’s universe I (sheltered)

Little girl on a small horse at sunset

The daily life of a girl with a cohlear implant oscillates between duties and fun-and-play time. But no matter what, she seeks shelter and protection.

My daughter has a bionic ear

Sofia was born with a profound hearing loss; with the help of a special device – the cochlear implant – she can hear and learn to speak, living an [almost] normal life. CI’s have an external part who looks like an ordinary hearing aid (in fact a sophisticated computer) but also an implantable one, requiring a surgery. In Romania, first CI’s were implanted in 2000, but the number of implanted pacients is far below the needs.

Still in hospital after surgery, Sofia looks at Andreea, who received her implant several months earlier.


Second day after surgery, Sofia (last one to the right) and Matei watch cartoons with Andreea, who received her implant several months earlier.


Sofia wearing her Nucleus 5 cochlear implant, out for a stroll. At the time, only 6 people in Romania benefit from this type of CI, which is the latest, and maybe the most advanced device in the world.