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Deșteaptă-te române (smartphone photo)

Desteapta-te romaneThe first thing I found was this. What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially. In the Photograph, the event is never transcended for the sake of something else: the Photograph always leads the corpus I need back to the body I see; it is the absolute Particular, the sovereign Contingency, matte and somehow stupid, the This (this photograph, and not Photography), in short, what Lacan calls the Tuche, the Occasion, the Encounter, the Real, in its indefatigable expression. In order to designate reality, Buddhism says sunya, the void; but better still: tathata, as Alan Watts has it, the fact of being this, of being thus, of being so; tat means that in Sanskrit and suggests the gesture of the child pointing his finger at something and saying:

that, there it is, lo! but says nothing else; a photograph cannot be transformed (spoken) philosophically, it is wholly ballasted by the contingency of which it is the weightless, transparent envelope. Show your photographs to someone-he will immediately show you his: “Look, this is my brother; this is me as a child,” etc.; the Photograph is never anything but an antiphon of “Look,” “See,” “Here it is”; it points a finger at certain vis-a-vis, and cannot escape this pure deictic language. This is why, insofar as it is licit to speak of a photograph, it seemed to me just as improbable to speak of the Photograph.

Roland Barthes – Camera Lucida. Reflections on Photography

Good to see you (smartphone photo)

Good to see you“Photography can never grow up if it imitates some other medium. It has to walk alone; it has to be itself.”

– Berenice Abbott

Samsung Galaxy I9000, Urbian plugin

Sushi bar (smartphone photo)

Sushi barSushi bar, Bruxelles, Belgium. Samsung Galaxy I9000 phone camera, Urbian plugin

„Bring the viewer to your side. Include him in your thought. He is not a bystander. You have the power to increase his perceptions and conceptions.”
– Dorothea Lange

In my secret life (smartphone photo)

In my secret life

I bite my lip.
I buy what I’m told:
From the latest hit,
To the wisdom of old.
But I’m always alone.
And my heart is like ice.
And it’s crowded and cold
In My Secret Life.

Edgar’s Cafe, Valletta (smartphone photo)

Edgar's cafe, Republic Square, Valletta, MaltaEdgar’s Cafe, Republic Square, Valletta, Malta
Samsung Galaxy mobile phone

Me muero de amor por ti (smartphone photo)

micky minnie mousePolaroid emulation on Samsung Galaxy phone (Retro camera by Urbian)

A sea of spoons (smartphone photo)

wpid-shot_1313312970269.jpgPolaroid emulation on Samsung Galaxy phone (Retro camera by Urbian)

Sofia and vegetables (smartphone photo)

wpid-shot_1308219493359.jpgWhat about the sweets, daddy?

Polaroid emulation on Samsung I9000 phone

Little Cousteau (smartphone photo)

FxCam_1304238744639Toy camera emulation on a Samsung Galaxy S phone camera.

New kid in town II (smartphone photo)

New kid in town IISamsung I9000 mobile. Toy camera emulation.