Sofia04Kadife is the Turkish word for velvet (“catifea”, în Romanian). It is also a nickname for my daughter.


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    Lizzy 1 Sep ’10

    What a beautiful child. These images of your daughter are lovely. Interesting about the similarities of language. I once met a Turkish professor who told me that the Hungarian (my father’s family) and Turkish languages share over 400 words. I daresay that similar could be said of ours as well. I am fascinated by language. It reveals so much about a people.

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    bogdan 2 Sep ’10


    About 3,5% of Romanian vocabulary is of Turkish origin. Examples: coffe – cafea – kahve; box – cutie – kutu; slipper – papuc – papuç…
    Have a look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_language

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