Romanian monasteries in Oltenia – selection

Three of the most famous orthodox monasteries in Romania: ‘Bistrita’, ‘Dintr-un lemn’ and ‘Horezu’ (UNESCO World Heritage Site). June 2008.

Oltenia.2008_25 Oltenia.2008_24 Oltenia.2008_23 Oltenia.2008_22 Oltenia.2008_21 Oltenia.2008_20 Oltenia.2008_19 Oltenia.2008_18 Oltenia.2008_17 Oltenia.2008_16 Oltenia.2008_15 Oltenia.2008_14 Oltenia.2008_13 Oltenia.2008_12 Oltenia.2008_11  Oltenia.2008_09 Oltenia.2008_08 Oltenia.2008_07 Oltenia.2008_06 Oltenia.2008_05 Oltenia.2008_04 Oltenia.2008_03 Oltenia.2008_02 Oltenia.2008_01


  1. Reply
    Florin 8 Aug ’08

    Ok, frumos domnule. Felicitari si la mai multe!!!

  2. Reply
    Madalina 9 Aug ’08

    Very nice shots!! My favourite are the one with the three windows and a lamp, the one with the nun holding some sheets and that with the nun preparing to take down an “icon” (= icoana :P)

  3. Reply
    Dan 11 Aug ’08

    Foarte frumoase imaginile 11 si 16.

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